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Interview Session for Students .
Registration Starts.
​Only Pre-Registered people .
Course Starts.
Strict Policy.
Course Day ONE Finishes.
​Strict Policy.
Course Day TWO Starts.
Same Timings as Day One.

If you want to CHANGE the FRUITS,

You have to CHANGE the ROOTS.

If you want to CHANGE the VISIBLE,

You have to CHANGE the INVISIBLE.


Why RichMan Team

Financial Education is Why the Rich are Getting Excessively Richer

Your Financial Success Depends on What you Know About Money. Most people set out to get an education in hopes of getting a safe and secure job and ultimately being able to provide a normal life for themselves and their family. However, the education most people receive doesn’t actually teach them what they need to know to be truly successful and in command of their finances.

Financial Education is a type of education that teaches you what you should be doing with your money to be successful. In today’s world, financial education is crucial, especially with the world economy in recession or depression. However, our school systems don’t teach us about financial education and so most people have never been taught what they need to know in order to take control of their financial lives.

RichMan Team entrepreneurs are self-made and successful business people who all have great success stories and are live proof and testimonials that if you seriously decide to change your life to a better one, it is possible all the way, regardless of your current financial or educational or even family and community situation.

So, if you really decide to do this big change in life and reading this website, you are in the right place at the right time.


LTC (Life Transformation Course) is an inspirational and unique Personal Development course, designed for the people who want to start changing their lives to a better one. The 2 days of LTC is a great chance for those who really intend to have more knowledge and seeking to grab more opportunities in Life. Successful people know this secret very well that SUCCESS ORIGINATES FROM ONE’S OWN WILL POWER, they train their mind to prepare themselves for a Big step forward in Life.

If you want to do the same as Rich people do, you are at the right time at the right place. Just Apply and Register for LTC in few clicks and open a new window in your Life. RichMan coaches will guide you through this journey.


Terms and Conditions for LTC:

1-All gents are required to wear Black Pants, White Shirts and Yellow Tie; Ladies should wear Black Pants and White Shirt. If you don’t have these clothes try to prepare faster.

2-During the 2 days of the course you will have only coffee breaks and Lunch.

3-None of the students can leave the class during the class timings and must follow the rules of the class, which will be announced in the classroom. Failing to following the rules will make the Trainers to dismiss you from the class.

4-There is a briefing presentation which will be given to you one day before the class on the interview. You MUST attend this briefing presentation in order to be able to attend the LTC. (Payment is obligatory in order to receive the ticket and attending the class).

5-LTC and RichMan Team have no responsibility for the flight and accommodation of the students during the course if they are coming from another country.

6-If we find out that you have filled the application form with wrong information or you are not still qualified for the course we have the right to reject your application.

7- RichMan Team is an independent International organization doing classes, Seminars and Trainings worldwide, and is not belonged or related or owned by any company or entity.

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